You wil find here a list with some travelling cheap tips and tricks. 

1. Be flexible

First of all, be flexible. The price of flights can vary considerably depending on the month, day and even time you travel. Use web flights scanners tools such as CheapTickets, or other ebookers

2. Eat the local food

It is better to avoid eating near famous tourist attractions because the food there is inevitably expensive. Cooking your own food, or making yourself a sandwich or a burger can save you big bucks. For budget travelers, it is advised to eat what the locals eat

3. Travel in low season

Traveling during peak seasons can cost you more money, so it is prudent to avoid peak season travel. Prices of hotels, and food hike up during the school holidays and on occasions like Christmas, Easter etc

4. Walk

No, not all the way there but once you’ve arrived. There’s no better way to see a place than to stroll around, taking in the architecture and looking up at those exciting new skies.

5. Bring your own food on board

Don’t pay a meal on your transportations – save money by packing your own snacks

6. Earn while you travel

There are countless opportunities to earn money on the go these days. For a freelancer all you need is a laptop with a stable internet connection. The opportunities for earning money are numerous if one puts in a little time and effort. For instance, by teaching a language in another country, picking fruit in a farm. Bring your digital skills for small companies with making a website for instance.

7. Pack smart

Don’t waste your money on expensive mini toiletries that you’ll just throw away once they run out. Instead, buy yourself a set of small refillable plastic bottles and fill them up each time you go away.

8. Seek out free Wifi

In restaurants and cafés, so you don’t hammer your data. And if you’re phoning home to find out if it’s still raining there, don’t forget to use free services such as Skype, Line or WhatsApp.

9. Save on foreign currency exchange

Withdrawing money abroad can cost a lot in charges. Although using a debit card can be cheaper than a credit card, be aware most banks will charge for each cash withdrawal on top of a commission fee. To avoid this, take out larger sums so you’re charged less frequently. Keep an eye on the fluctuating exchange rates before you travel and order your currency in advance to get the best deal. This way you’ll also avoid the high commission at the airport exchange desk. A very good card you can get is with Revolut

10. Use a shared economy

Using a shared economy can save you a lot of money as you can find cheaper accommodation, rideshares, and cheaper meals. Look and share your plans with people around

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